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Year 1How do we decide how to behave?What can we do with money?How do we keep safe?How do we feel?What makes us special?
Year 2How can we help?What is bullying?How can we be healthy?What is the same and different about us?How do we show our feelings?How can we keep safe in different places?
Year 3What are the rules that keep us safe?What can we do about bullying?What are we responsible for?How can we describe our feelings?How can we eat well?What jobs would we like?
Year 4What is diversity?How can we be a good friend?How do we grow and change?How can we keep safe in our local area?
Year 5What makes a community?What does discrimination mean?How can we manage our money?What choices help health?How can we be safe?
online/social media
What makes us enterprising?
Year 6What makes a happy and healthy relationship?What are human rights?How can money affect us?How can we stay healthy?How can we manage risk?
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