TermYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6ARP
Aut 1Seasonal changeAnimals including humansRocksStates of matterEarth and spaceLightMaterials
Aut 2Human BodyAnimals including humansForces and magnetsForcesElectricityWhat are toys made from?
Spr 1Seasonal changeMaterialsLightElectricityProperties of materialsAnimals including humansGrowing Plants
Spr 2PlantsFamous ScientistsSoundLiving things and their habitatsGrowth and Survival
Sum 1Seasonal changePlantsAnimalsLiving things and their habitats Animals including humansLiving things and their habitatsSeaside objects
Sum2AnimalsLiving things and their habitatsPlantsAnimals including humansEvolution and inheritance+Habitats