Dear Parents/Carers,

Remote Learning Plan – Year 1 to 6

As you will be aware attendance at school is now compulsory, and yet we live in a time where children may be absent from school due to self isolation or a class bubble having to close for 14 days. The Government have asked that all schools come up with a plan for remote learning and supporting parents at home, if this were to happen. In this letter I would like to outline the plans that we have for the different scenarios that may occur.

What if my child is ill but has NO Coronavirus symptoms?

If your child is ill, and not well enough to be in school, you must follow the usual attendance procedures of informing school and your child returning once well enough to do so.

What if my child has got Coronavirus symptoms?

If your child has one of the four Covid symptoms (persistent cough, high temperature, loss of taste and/or smell) then you must keep your child at home, inform school and arrange for a test. If during this period of time you feel that your child is well enough to access home learning, then children can practise their spellings, maths basic skills, reading for pleasure – all of which can be found on seesaw. All they would need to do is upload their work for the teachers to see. However if your child is poorly with these symptoms, then they do not need to complete work.

What if I have been contacted through Track and Trace and have to self isolate for 14 days ?

If this is the case, please inform school and remote learning will be put in place for your child. Please log onto SeeSaw (Tapestry for Reception and Nursery) daily as the teachers will be setting daily lessons and videos through this App. Ensure you have the correct Access code ASAP please. By using this education can continue at home and work can be uploaded for the teachers to give feedback on. This needs to be done on a daily basis, but can be fitted around parents/carers who may also be needing to work from home as well. If a child does not upload any work, or access the work on Seesaw, we will treat this ‘non attendance’ as we do so in school and a phone call home will be made. It is important that children in this scenario continue with home learning, so they don’t get left behind.

What happens if a year group bubble has to self isolate?

Home learning will continue, using Seesaw- and children will need to complete the work and upload it onto Seesaw. Teachers will also upload written, audio

and video instructions to explain tasks where appropriate. Opportunities to get together to do live group sessions and story sessions are also being looked into, using the ‘video’ facility, or in some class cases, using ‘Zoom.’ Again, this will be tailored around parents/carers, who need to work from home as well, but it will be an expectation that all children will log on and access the work. Again under the attendance system that we currently run, with non attendance, phone calls home will be made to ensure children are keeping up with the school work.

Of course, we are aware that some families may not have access to the internet or devices that they can use at home, in this case, we will provide paper packs for the children. We are currently hoping to receive some laptops for those who have no IT access and have filled in the Google Survey (links on website)

We also understand the huge pressures that families are under at the moment and as long as we keep communication open between home and school, we will support you in whatever way we can.

Our children, their safety, their health and their education is the most important thing to us all, and by working together we will get through this together.

Thank you for your continued support.

Yours sincerely,

Ms R Woods


Remote learning letter

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