Religious Education

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Year 1What can we learn about Christianity by visiting a Church?
What do Christians believe about God?
Why are gifts given at Christmas?Why is Jesus special to Christians?What is the Easter story?What can we find out about Buddha?
Year 2Why is the Bible special for Christians?
What can we learn about the story of St Cuthbert?
How and why is light important at Christmas?What does it mean to belong in Christianity?How do Christians celebrate Easter?How do Buddhists show their beliefs?What can we learn about our local faith communities?
Year 3How do Hindus worship?How and why is advent important to Christians?What can we learn about Christian beliefs and worship from visiting churches?What do Christians remember on Palm Sunday?What do Hindus believe?
Year 4What do we know about the Bible and why is it important to Christians?Why do Christians call Jesus the light of the world?What do Christians believe about Jesus?Why is Lent such an important period for Christians?How and why do people show care for others?Why do people visit Cathedrals today?
Year 5Why is Moses important to Jewish people?
Why do Jewish people go to the Synagogue?
What are the themes of Christmas?What do Christians believe about God?Why is the Last Supper so important for Christians?How are Jewish beliefs expressed in the home?Why do people use rituals today?
Year 6What can we learn about religious diversity in our area?
What can we find out about our local Muslim community?
What do the gospels tell us about the birth of Jesus?How and why do people care about the environment?Why are Good Friday and Easter Day the most important days for Christians?What do we know about Christianity – concepts?Statutory Bridging Unit –
KS2 to KS3
ARPChanges – ongoing, dependent on age/ability/previous experiences within the unit.

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