Religious Education

TermYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6ARP
Aut 1What does it mean to belong? (generic)Stories Jesus toldWhat is Sikhism? What do Sikhs believe?What are the 4 Noble truths of Buddhism?Festival of Harvest - ChristianityWhat are the key beliefs of Hinduism?Special Objects
Aut 2Why do people give gifts at Christmas?Celebrations (Christmas)Festivals - ChristmasHow do Buddhists worship?Key Hindu festivalsSignificance of the MandirWhy give gifts at Christmas
Spr 1What does it mean to belong to ChristianityVisiting a place of worshipWhat do Christians believe? Action in the world.Miracles of JesusHow do Muslims worship?The teachings of Buddha.What do Hindus celebrate?
Spr 2What is a festival?Celebrations EasterWhat is Islam?What are the key beliefs of Islam?Significant texts/prayer ritualsBuddhist lifestylesEaster Beginnings
Sum 1How do Jewish people express beliefs? What is the Torah and why is it important to Jewish peopleWhat are Hindu deities?Significant characters in world religionsHow is the journey of life marked in different religions?Famous SaintsSpecial Places
Sum2What symbols are important to Hindus?PilgrimagesBook making – Comparing significant world religionsWhy is the Torah special?