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At Whitehouse our mission is to be a community which offers the best possible education for all our pupils

Working in partnership with

Every child is valued, cared for and encouraged to reach their potential in an atmosphere of warmth, challenge and support.

We encourage all our pupils to develop as lifelong learners, young citizens of today and adult citizens of the future. As a school we are committed to work to reduce disadvantages, discrimination, and inequalities of opportunity. We are committed to promote diversity in terms of the people we serve, our workforce, the partners we work with and the services they deliver.  

  • To consistently raise our levels of pupil achievement and to ensure that each child can achieve his/her maximum potential. 
  • To provide high quality teaching which will enable optimum learning to take place. 
  • To provide a curriculum and extra curricular activities which will ensure their growth as learners and citizens. 
  • To promote a school ethos in which all feel included, valued, supported, safe and confident. 
  • To promote effective partnerships with parents and the wider community for the benefit of the children. 
  • To have effective leadership and management at all levels of the school.