Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Year 1Hey You!Christmas play and music preparations10 Pieces - Listening and appraising focus3 Singing PigsRound and roundYour imagination
Year 2Hands, feet and heartChristmas play and music preparationsLEA Music sessionsLEA Music sessions10 Pieces - listening and appraising focus3 Rapping Rats
Year 3Recorders introductionChristmas play and music preparationsRecorders
Sage concert preparation - composer focus
Recorder project preparationPenatatonic scaleComposition focus using pentatonic scale
Year 4RecordersChristmas play and music preparationsGlockenspielsLean on meTudor music and composition10 Pieces focus
Year 5Glockenspiels
Christmas play and music preparations10 Pieces - trail blazers10 Pieces - trail blazersSamba drummingSinging strategy -2 part singing
Year 6Modern British composersChristmas play and music preparationsDrumming techniquesDrumming ensemble work2 part Singing performance preparation2 part Singing performance preparation
ARPChanges - ongoingChristmas play and music preparationsChanges - ongoingChanges - ongoingChanges - ongoingChanges - ongoing

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