History and Geography


TermYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6ARP
Aut 1Toys The Gun Powder PlotStone AgeVikingsGreeksEgyptiansGreat Fire of London
Aut 2Why do we remember Remembrance Day?Geog
Spr 1Houses and Homes The Great fire of LondonLocal historyAztecsAnglo-SaxonsLocal historyFlorence Nightingale
(coal mining)Hands across the Tyne project
Spr 2The Great fire of Gateshead/Geog
Sum 1Florence Nightingale RomansTudorsVictoriansBattle of BritainSeaside holidays in the past.


TermYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6ARP
Aut 1Countries/seas/oceans of the UK.
Aut 2Toys and games from around the World Map of immediate localityVolcanoes and EarthquakesEurope map workRiversAfricaLet’s explore London
Spr 1Locating London/Newcastle of a map of the UK.
Spr 2House and Homes in the UK and abroad UK map workMexicoWorld map work & my mappingMap makers
Sum 1All Around the World—continents and oceans of the world
Sum2Locating Turkey/Crimea/London on a map. FranceRainforestsIndiaCoastsSeas and coasts