Year GroupAutumnSpringSummer
1Let’s Talk About Me!Traditional Tales  and Fairy TalesExplanations and Poetry
2Information TextsNewspapers – ReportsNarrative
InstructionsRecountDifferent Stories by significant author
Traditional Fairy Tales
3Stories by the same author- Rob LewisWarning story Adventure Stories
Poetry- creating imagesNon-chronological Reports Newspaper Reports –  T4W (Tutankhamun) Persuasive writing 
RecountMyths and LegendsLetter writing 
InstructionsInstructions- Embalming Fruit
4 & 5Adventure Stories- Story SettingsSyllabic Poetry/HaikuNon Chronological Reports
InstructionsDiscussion Texts and Debating Skills– Talk4WritePersuasive Writing
Talk4WriteFablesStories from other Cultures
RecountsPlaysPerformance Poetry
5 & 6Fiction GenresSignificant Authors- Literary or Heritage ClassicsRevision Units/Skills
Biography and AutobiographyPoetryPoetry
Extending NarrativesArgumentShort Story Writing
Journalistic WritingFormal/Impersonal WritingDiscussion texts and debating skills
ARPStories with Familiar SettingsTraditional talesQuest Stories
Traditional TalesFantasyStories by the same author
Information TextsInstructionsRecounts
Traditional PoemsRecountsFavourite Poems
Humorous Poems