Autumn 1Autumn 2Spring 1Spring 2Summer 1Summer 2
Year 1Exploring digital soundExploring machines we controlMaking multimedia storiesAction algorithmsIntroduction to digital artProgramming direction
Year 2Writing in different stylesIntroduction to animationProgramming with Scratch JuniorFinding and presenting informationProgramming with LogoBeginning to present
Year 3Machines & Mechanisms
(Lego WeDo)
Real life algorithmsProgramming Scratch maze gamesKodu: getting startedDatabasesCommunication & Collaboration
Year 4Digital imagery: repeating patternsSearching the webAnimation using ScratchMachines & Mechanisms
(Lego WeDo)
3D design digital modelling using Sketch UpKodu sports
Year 5Coding retro games using ScratchWhat is a computer?Manipulating soundProgramming robots (NXT)Building collaborative websitesRaspberry Pi part 1
Year 6Quiz time with ScratchProgramming MicrobitVideo editingManipulating imagesInside the Internet


Skills based, including knowledge of the keyboard, mouse control, file management, logging on/off, debugging, plugging in external devices etc. Each child to be given a bingo board to complete.