Charging and Remissions Policy


At Whitehouse Primary School we believe the children benefit from outside visits, journeys, visitors and extra-curricular activities in sport and the creative arts. We follow government regulations on charging. When an event takes place during school time, we ask families of children benefiting to share the cost. Legally, we are requesting voluntary contributions, but if we do not receive enough to cover the cost, plans may be cancelled.

Voluntary Contributions

Contributions can be requested for the benefit of the school or any school activities.  When an event takes place during school time, we ask families of children benefitting to share the cost.  If insufficient voluntary contributions are raised to fund a visit, then it must be cancelled.  This will be made clear to parents.  If a parent is unable to pay, their child will still be given an equal chance to go on the visit.

Although schools cannot charge for school-time activities, the school has an entitlement (under the charging provisions of the Education Act 1996) to ask for voluntary contributions.  The full amount per child will be made clear on the letter informing parents of the proposed visit.

Remission of Charges

No child is barred from attending because his/her parents have not contributed. Families eligible for benefits, and others the headteacher determines are having financial hardship, are not expected or pressured to pay. We keep such information confidential and handle situations discretely.

Circumstances where a charge may be made

In years 5 and 6 children have the opportunity to go on outdoor visits (usually to Powburn, Northumberland) spending 4 nights away within the school week. Government regulations allow us to charge the cost of board and lodging for children on a residential visit.  The charge must not exceed the actual cost. The school NEVER charges more than the shared amount for all trips.

Class Visits/Visitors

We do not want any child to miss these valuable experiences. The school voluntary fund subsidises the cost, if necessary, so that the entire class can benefit.
Parent/Carer Permission forms are sent home for educational trips further afield. For smaller visits to the local area on foot, a generic permission form is issued when a child starts school. Parents/carers must sign this form when their child first enrols at school. In the event of a ‘nil’ return, the school will take this as an affirmative. Notification of Trip Letter >

Date of review - Sept 2019