Careers strategy

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September 2022 D.Rogers November 2021

By embedding a career-related programme in our Whitehouse curriculum, we aim to raise and broaden aspirations, challenge stereotypes about different subjects, jobs and careers and bridge the gap between school and the world of work.

Our inclusive ethos at Whitehouse aims to teach children that anything is possible if you work hard.

Through enriching learning with real-life experiences, we hope our pupils can be encouraged to think again about the meanings and implications of what they are being taught in lessons.

Staff engage pupils in everyday learning that can be described as career-related learning i.e. role play in Early Years, visits from RNLI, road designers, dental nurses, historians etc. 

However, at Whitehouse, we also recognise the importance of clarity and direct teaching of careers opportunities available therefore we hold an annual Speed networking event and other careers workshops for each year group from Early Years to Year Six. 

These activities are organised and led by the careers lead and members of staff with external support provided by employers, programmes and other enterprises. These programmes are used to supplement activities taking place in

lessons and through topics.

As a school we are participating in The World of Work Project which aims to transform careers education by offering employer enriched careers interventions which motivate, inspire and equip children and young people to reach their full potential.

Project Overview

The WOW Project is a careers education programme designed to inspire, motivate and equip all children and young people for the World of Work (WOW). The project spans every stage of the learning journey, from Early Years Foundation Stage to Post 16, and activities are carefully designed in partnership with teachers and business professionals so that pupils gradually build on skills and knowledge gained each year and eventually leave school ‘work ready’, can make informed decisions about their next destinations and flourish when they get there.

The WOW Project aims to support careers guidance in Trust Partner Schools by forging strong relationships between schools and local employers, culture of collaboration and staff skills and expertise.

WOW Project Aims

The World of Work Project aims to:

The World of Work Project objectives are to:

  • Engage with local employers and recognise their contribution
  • Engage directly with young people and ensure they are:
  • Inspired, motivated and equipped to reach their full potential
  • Understand their options and how to achieve
  • Link careers to the real world to bring relevance to the learning
  • Challenge gender stereotyping within the world of work
  • Link and embed careers in the curriculum emphasising the strong connections between education and the world of work
  • Explore the diverse routes adults have taken to get their current job e.g. vocational (Inc. apprenticeships), academic, starting their own business etc.
  • Provide primary careers interventions with the aim of raising aspirations and broadening horizons from an early age

Examples of Careers Activities at Whitehouse: 

Aspiration days

Workplace visits

Career insights

Enterprise days

Annual speed networking session 

Curriculum-linked activities

Subject specific activities e.g. languages

Numeracy and literacy activities

Guest speakers and governors into assemblies 

Potential Visitors for speed networking event 

Governors- Fran Hale 

John Bowman- lifestyle/ cycling community brand

Sammi – pharmacist  

Andrew Dodd – train driver 

Saffi – engineer 

Danny – RNLI 

Kev- banker 


Newcastle united- Steph and Lesley (contact) 

Sophia Gallon’s mum – plumber 

Oliver Hambley’s mum scientist 

Charity- Katie Scrafton