Art and Design

TermYear 1Year 2Year 3Year 4Year 5Year 6ARP
Aut 1PlaygroundsEat more fruit and veg  Clay volcano modelsViking brooches & longboatsPortraitsPyramids / Death masksSeasonal foods
Aut 2Self portraits Picture this Cave paintingsPointillism - Georges SeuratBridgesAfrican cookingColours Using tools
Spr 1Building Houses PuppetsPitman paintersPaper mache / WeavingCookingAndy Warhol (pop art)Sewing
Spr 2Investigating materials Can buildings speak? CookingElectrical gamesWorld buildings
Sum 1Moving pictures Joseph’s coat Still life - CezannePerspective & landscapePrinting - William MorrisAnatomy (sketching)Cooking
Sum2Sculptures Mother nature Sewing (binka)MosaicsTie dyeModel aircraft