The three main functions of the Local Governing Board are:

  • Setting the school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its pupils
  • Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.

Governors are mindful too of the requirements of our children’s parents and carers and their need to be informed about the overall leadership and management of the school and how it affects safety, learning and the enjoyment of their children.

To achieve all these objectives Governors continually evaluate their own roles and monitor the school’s performance through data and liaison with the staff and pupils. Relevant information is shared with all families and interested parties through the website and newsletters.

School Development Plan (SDP) - 5 Key Plans.

Governors regularly monitor the SEF (Self-evaluation form) and SDP. Through focused meetings governors consult and contribute to both documents.

The SDP is a working document which outlines the areas for school development; what the school needs to do to improve further, the actions required to achieve planned improvement and an on-going evaluation of impact.

Areas of Development 2019/20

Key Area 1: To make a positive contribution to the children at Whitehouse and the local community.

Impact: We are grateful for the increased support that parents and carers give the school and we are glad to see so many involved in school fairs, charity events, reading in and out of school. Together we support the headteacher in ensuring that there are continued positive relations with parents because we believe that together we can enable each child to achieve their potential. 

Key Area 2: To provide a high level of challenge and support to the headteacher and the school.

Impact: We continue to support the schools’ drive to improve attendance, including the introduction of the Penalty Notice for unauthorised absences.   We regularly review the data provided by the school and ask probing questions when required. We are aware of the schools’ priorities and focus on those during governor visits.                   

Key Area 3: To support new appointments effectively

Impact: We continue to support the shortlisting and interview process to ensure Whitehouse employs the best staff for our children.

Key Area 4: To ensure that sub-committees are effective and are focussed on the needs of the school.

Structure of Whitehouse Primary Governing Body and Committees 2017-18

Chair of the Governing Body - Mr D Rogers       Vice Chair of the Governing Body - Mrs J Dorr

The Governing Body’s structure and membership for 2017-18 is outlined in the table below and within that structure it has the following committees:

Committee Abrv. Name of Chair
Finance, Personnel & Staffing FP&S Mr D Rogers
Curriculum C Mrs S Jones
Buildings/H&S BHS Mrs K Alexander