Exam and Assessment Results

EYFS Baseline

Nursery (2-3 year olds)

On entry, we had 100%working below age related expectation upon admission from Sept 18 –our baseline upon entry is very low:

  • 0% were at the expected levels.
  • 94% were below age related expectations.
  • 6% were significantly below age related expectations.

In Nursery (3-4 year olds)

The baseline is very low upon entry:

  • 0% are at the expected levels.
  • 84% are below age related expectations
  • 14% are significantly below age related expectations

EYFS Attainment

This year, the Reception work has been moderated against the Early Learning Goals by LA Moderators. The Moderators have commented, in their report, on Mrs Mann’s “thorough knowledge of the children” as well as “the enthusiasm and passion when talking about the children’s strengths.” Given the entry levels for our Nursery children we are pleased that:

  • 60.7% have achieved a Good Level of Development (GLD) in Prime Areas of the EYFS curriculum. The National GLD is 71.8%.
  • 83.3% of boys achieved a good GLD compared to the national average of 65.5%
  • 66.7% of pupils with a SEN need achieved a good GLD compared to 24% nationally.
  • Our results for pupils in receipt of Free School Meals was broadly in line with national average at 50% compare to 56%.