British Values at Whitehouse Primary School

At Whitehouse Primary School, we aim to actively promote British values within our school.  We want to ensure our children leave Whitehouse prepared for life in modern Britain.

We aim to teach children to show respect and tolerance for all people regardless of their age, sex, abilities, faith, race, culture and sexual preferences.  (We recognise that marital/civil partnership status and pregnancy and maternity are also protected characteristics.) We want children to understand that all people in our country are subject to its laws.

We recognise British values as being –

  • Democracy
  • The rule of law
  • Individual liberty
  • Respect and tolerance

We are also keen to share the message with our pupils that these values are not unique to Britain but are qualities and features of all successful, caring, thoughtful communities and societies.  Children will learn about these values at a class, school, community and country level.

These British values are taught through ideals like the ‘DNA of Whitehouse’ and assemblies.  They also underline the behaviour code of our school and our aspirations of how we respond and communicate with each other.

We work hard to encourage visitors from a wide range of organisations into our school to increase children’s experiences and understanding of the world around them.  During our PSHE lessons children learn more specifically about these values. A long term PSHE plan which includes where and when British values are addressed is attached.