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Reading Recovery

What is Reading Recovery?

  • Reading Recovery is a specialist intervention programme that helps children (around the age of 6) who are not finding it easy to learn to read and write.
  • Whitehouse Primary has arranged for a Reading Recovery teacher to work with those children who need extra help.
  • The children who are selected will have a Reading Recovery lesson every day, on a one to one basis, so that they learn very quickly and soon catch up with their classmates.

A lesson a day

Once a child has been selected a series of daily lessons will begin with a specialist teacher. The child will work with the teacher in a separate room for 30 minutes each day for up to 6 months. It is very important that children don’t miss these lessons.

Each lesson the child will:
  • Re-read familiar books
  • Work with magnetic letters
  • Write a short story
  • Cut up their story into individual words and then put it back together to make the original sentence
  • Read a new book with the help of their teacher

Parental Involvement
  • Parents are invited to an initial meeting to learn more about Reading Recovery.
  • They are asked to read with their child and to complete a short homework task each night.
  • Parents are invited to watch one of their child’s lessons.
  • A home/school comment sheet allows teacher and parents to communicate on a regular basis.

Measuring Progress

Before the lessons begin a series of detailed diagnostic assessments are completed, which informs the Reading Recovery teacher of each child’s individual strengths and areas of need. These assessments are then repeated at the end of the programme so that we can measure the progress a child has made. Many children make accelerated progress achieving 18 months worth of progress in just 6 months.
Children are assessed 3 months after the programme has finished, and again at 6 months, to ensure that they continue to make good progress.