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Pupil Premium Expenditure 2015/16

Overview of the school

Pupil Premium is an amount of extra money given to schools to raise achievement among disadvantaged children so that they will benefit from the same opportunities as others.  Funding is given to schools primarily on the basis of the number of pupils they have who are known to be eligible for Free School Meals.  Schools also receive funding for any children who have been eligible within the last six years.  This is known as FSM6.  Therefore it is dependent on parents and carers registering their children for Free School Meals even if they are entitled to receive a meal as part of the Universal Infant Free School Meals Initiative for Key Stage One pupils.   Funding is also allocated to schools for pupils who are “Looked After” or their parents are in the armed forces.

The funding at Whitehouse has been allocated carefully by evaluating research evidence on improving learning and attainment to ensure that we could make informed choices about what will best meet the needs of our pupils.

Pupil premium Summary

Total number of pupils on roll

185 (inc. Nursery)

156 (exc. Nursery)

Total number of pupils eligible for PPG 84
Amount of PPG received per pupil £1308
Total amount of PPG received £111,180

Nature of Support 2015/16

The funding was used in several ways, all of which helped support the pupils in their learning and in some cases behaviour for learning.

1 To provide one-to-one group support for Key Stage One and Two pupils  £40,876
2 To continue to fund the school Breakfast Club and provide a healthy meal and staffing.


3 To provide specialist one-to-one teaching support for Literacy and Numeracy £25,326
4 To support out of school activities including the YMCA after school club and Learning Mentor £28,620
5 To support the costs of specialist external Agencies £6,538
6 To support the costs of educational visits to support Literacy, Numeracy and Writing £2,656
7 To buy specialist teaching programmes and aids to support pupil achievement in Literacy and Numeracy £4,086

Curriculum focus of PPG Spending

The focus of expenditure continues to be to support pupils with low attainment in reading and mathematics.  The grant provided continuing support for our Breakfast Club.   Expenditure is also used to support children that have been identified as having difficulties with behaviour for learning.  Part of the grant is also used to support a mentoring programme that concentrates on helping pupils develop better attitudes and self-esteem.    

Measuring the Impact of PPG Spending

  1. The Key Stage Two Sats results for 2015-16 show a clear narrowing of the gap between Free School Meal and non Free School Meal pupils.
  2. The Key Stage One Sats results for 2015-16 show that pupils in receipt of a Free School Meal are out-performing non Free School Meal pupils.
  3. Anecdotal evidence shows that pupils are more alert and ready to learn as a result of attending Breakfast Club.
  4. After-school activities promote a healthy life style to pupils and also enable parents to access work and further education opportunities.
  5. Access to specialist programmes for pupils with specific learning difficulties has increased self-esteem, raised confidence and pupil engagement in learning.